Graphical Simulations with GeoGebra

Inverse Functions

Demonstration of inverse relationship of functions by reflection of curve across line y=x.

Line equation

Experiment with slope and y-intercept and watch the changes in graph and equation of the line.

Locus of Parabola

A Parabola can be defined as the set of points equal distance from a fixed point called the focus F and a line call the Directerix. You can set the coordinates of the Vertex and distance to the focal point.

If you turn the trace on move the Cxval slider will trace out a set of points satisfying the definition of a parabola.

Standard form of Parabola

You can use this object to check your homework exercises which require you to graph the standard form of the parabola (quadratic) equation.

Either enter a, b, or c values in the Input area at the bottom of the graph or use the sliders to change the coefficients.

Addition of Sine Functions

Two standard sine functions a*sin(?x+f) in which you can alter a, ?, f by moving the blue and green slider points.

In addition to viewing change of each function, the graph also show the sum of the two functions in red.