Graphical Simulations with JSX Graph Tool

Triangle Check

Demonstration of theorem which states sum of two sides of a triangle must be greater than the third side. By changing angle of sides and their lengths you can better understand the theorem.

Constructing an Ellipse

This illustrates construction of upper half of a large ellipse to be used in a woodworking project.

Using a stick of length of major axis and a nail in the stick at distance from end for minor axis we see an illustration of how to draw the ellipse on a board.

Angle of Depression

Still a bit of work in progress, this is an illustration of using Angle of Depression often found in high school applied trigonometry programs.

You can change the height of the tower/person on the ground and distance from the person/ground and see the calculated angles of depressions.

JSXGraph Library of Examples from others

Currently documented examples from many users of JSXGraph.